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The 2020 Apra-IL Board

From our programming to resources, identity to strategic direction, the volunteer board and committees drive Apra-IL.

Kathryn Thomas | President

Term(s): 1/2020-12/2021

Kathryn has served as Apra-IL Director of Membership & Marketing since 2017. In that role, she has taken responsibility for the monthly member e-mails and has updated and maintained the Apra-IL website. For the past year, she's also been in charge of Apra-IL's social media presence.

She is Senior Prospect Identification Analyst at the Wisconsin Foundation & Alumni Association where she's worked for four years. Joining Apra-IL has enabled her to grow her network and make strong connections with colleagues in higher ed and other fields under the Prospect Development umbrella.

Kathryn looks forward to growing Apra-IL membership, broadening its reach, and continuing to provide quality programming and communications in her new role as President. She is also looking forward to working with our Great Lakes partners to throw an amazing Apra Great Lakes 2020 event in October 2020!

Peter Kotowski | Vice President

Term(s): 1/2018-12/2019 & 1/2020-12/2021

Peter has served as Apra-IL Vice President for two years and will continue in this role through 2021. As VP, he has assisted in the planning and implementation of Apra-IL's spring and fall events, working to ensure our members receive quality programming.

He works as an Assistant Director, Prospect Management and Research at Loyola University Chicago where he also teaches part-time in the Department of History.

Peter is excited to work with our new board members to provide great events this coming year!

Amy Tibbs | Secretary

Term(s): 6/2018-12/2019 & 1/2020-12/2021 

Amy has served as Secretary for nearly two years (she took over for the previous Secretary who left following a career change) and will continue in this role through 2021. As Secretary, Amy keeps Board meeting minutes and assists in countless ways planning and executing events. Her positive personality keeps the Board on their toes.

She is a Development Research Associate at the National Audubon Society where she has worked for the past year.

Amy cannot wait to get those name tags printed in time for our spring event and to see you all there!

Kara Mehrkens | Treasurer pro tem

Term(s): 1/2020-12/2020

Kara has been an Apra-IL member for several years and serves on the Apra Great Lakes 2020 Finance Committee.

She is Associate Director for Advancement Research at Illinois Wesleyan University where she has worked since 2017.

Kara plans to use her connections with Great Lakes to help make the planning and execution of the GL2020 conference seamless as well as continuing to track and manage the financial future of Apra-IL.

Kara will serve as Apra-IL Treasurer for one year (January 2020 - December 2020).

Julia Dimick | Director of Marketing

Term(s): 1/2020-12/2021

Julia has been an Apra-IL member since 2017 when she moved from Wisconsin to Chicago. In that time, she's attended several Apra-IL events and was excited to be asked to join the board!

Julia is a Senior Research Officer at Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago Foundation.

In her new role as Director of Marketing, Julia will be taking over ownership of the Apra-IL member e-mails, management of the blog, and Apra-IL's social media presence. Look forward to a new voice in those communications soon!


Teresa Liu | Director of Membership

Term(s): 1/2020-12/2021

Teresa has been an Apra-IL member since 2017. Teresa is the Associate Director of Prospect Management at the Art Institute of Chicago. In her role at AIC, Teresa facilitates the movement of prospects, monitors the pipeline of proposals, and delivers forecasting and analytics to major gift officers.

As the new Director of Membership, Teresa will harness her analytics background to help grow the chapter. She will work closely with our VP to plan events and follow-up with our members after events to ensure our programming stays top-notch. Teresa is very excited to join the board!


The strength of APRA-IL lies in our volunteers. Members are encouraged to participate and help make APRA-IL a great resource and community for all of us. Ask us how you can get involved!

We have three primary committees responsible for APRA-Illinois' strategy, programming, and growth.

Finance & Governance

Under the leadership for the Treasurer, The Finance and Governance Committee provides strategic guidance to APRA-IL relating to financial and legal matters. The committee manages our finances (budget, taxes) and our bylaws, best practices, and more.

Membership & Marketing

The Membership and Marketing Committee works to keep APRA-IL a strong resource and community for our members while working towards ongoing growth through new-member recruitment. The committee is also responsible for the APRA-IL brand, marketing strategy, social media presence, and our blog. 

Programming & Professional Advancement

The Programming & Professional Advancement Committee plans and executes APRA-IL's programming. They are the brains and brawn behind our Fall Conferences, Basic Skills Workshops, Salons, Field Trips, social events, and webinars.

Committee Members

Past Board Member Advisers

  • Megan Humphrey, Booth School of BUS
  • Keli Jonas; Booth School of BUS
  • Katie Ingrao, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab
  • Jessica Szadziewicz, Loyola University
  • Jillian Schuessler, University of Chicago

Membership & Marketing Committee

  • Julia Dimick, Lurie Children's
  • Kathryn Thomas, WFAA
  • Joan Ogwumike, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Great Lakes 2020 Conference Liaisons

  • Katie Ingrao, Shirley Ryan Ability Lab

(Apra-IL Representative and Chicago-area Lead)

  • Kathryn Thomas, WFAA

(Chair, Programming Committee)

Apra-IL is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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